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World News and Report Today:

In the whole world which types of activities peoples doing in Asia and European Countries on different topics like politics, business, health, crime, technologies and many more what are doing activities in the whole world over all details added in this website www.sixtyea.com on current affairs.

Politics News Update:

World politics news with different countries make together and solve the problems of world wide system like in Asia some countries in problems like money problem or war problems any types of problems solve the European countries like first on USA solve the problems of Asia countries. Different types of politics current affairs with different countries which types of politics running and money more on world news and report today has keep update.

Business News:

World Business news according to the Dollar Rate because Dollar rate high or low then other things like petrol, gold, transports, effect on currency and many more. World news and report today in business field too much bigger network has working on the business field and all countries business criteria different on its self currency effected rate like some countries currency value too much low and market level using things rate high this situation in Asia countries and depend on the countries developments system.

Department of Health News:

world health biggest orgnazation centre (WHO) working on health criteria and dangerous diseases symptoms check and finish him but some diseases not proper finish like HIV Aids, Cancer, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Tb, jaundice, allergies and many others diseases not complete finish in the whole world but control system has for the the diseases control and many more day by day better system developments.

Fashion News World:

Fashion is most important things in the any where for men and women both not leave doing fashion and people’s trillion of money expend on make fashion therefore should be poor women or men and rich men or women compulsory apply fashion accessories must used in different way then looking hot and beautiful its main reasons and some people’s said fashion is a big disease in human body and not ever finish therefore its facts fashion not ever finish in the whole world people dead but fashion not dead because day by day new fashion trends launch for women and men and this is not ever finish because people’s like fashion then designer make, world news and report today about fashion is really really big fashion trends running in the whole world.

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