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World First Invention of Smart Street In London

World First Invention of Smart Street In London:

In London near Oxford street adjacent to street highway, The first smart street has been changed with traffic free in the world.The person’s walking on bard street can not be needed for supply of electricity because engineer making incredible system.

Smart Street Make Electricity:

The company for installation of smart road has said that in future they can show the road in future, Which will be provided electricity.They compnay said people’s can purchase in good atmosphere on smart street and they can make electricity on their on feet with good atmosphere and can take a Practicle part with good atmosphere and you can feel better tension free.

On Smart Street Shop’s Available:

At present smart street are only consisted 10 square meter which make electricity with the power of walking.The shop’s of eating and purchasing cloth are available on both side on the road for people’s easiest because World First Invention of Smart Street In London not for making electricity people’s come and enjoy now with shopping and food available.

The Oxford street is very famous and main big place for shopping.The panel for making of electricity on the main street, Giving the name “THE3” which is the shape is triangle and a panel provide 5 watt electricity continuously.

Smart Street Benefits:

The electricity provided from smart street which shinning the street light, which walking bluetooth transmitter and its incredible invention because any people come and enjoy now for depression free World First Invention of Smart Street In London has totally depression free road anyone can walking on this road it’s totally free for everybody not any types of charges for walking and this incredible invention for amazing ideas of making electricity with feet it’s really better one opportunity for free of cost making electricity with feet, If you never go there then i suggestion you must for one time walking on smart street you like better and feel good.

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