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Supersonic Aircraft XB1 Faster Than Voice

Supersonic Aircraft XB1 Faster Than Voice

American company “Boom Technology” has made a passengers planeProtoType where flying with the faster than speed of voice. The plane has successes in the first flight during some days. XB1 namely this commercials super sonic plane has ability to fly company 2.2 excess with the faster to voice.

The plane will fly with the speed of two thousand thirty-three hundred K/M per hour. In this time the passengers plane reach from New York to Pakistan it has come to twenty hour, Although in future this journey will take four-hour and 45 minutes.

Supersonic Aircraft XB1 Faster Than Voice

Supersonic Passenger Aircraft XB1

In the whole world first passengers super sonic plane concurred retired away about 10 year. In this period the planing has come to thinking for make fast speed commercial planes.Supersonic Aircraft XB1 Faster Than Voiceis the only plane are not big with concurred although the space of passenger will be access.But uptill now these are experimental planing are testing demonstration.The step of “XB1” plane is not different before from the first testing flight “SARANG WIND SHUTTLE” was completed above one thousand hour.

During in this flight, The flight control all Aiyoyanox So the structure of “Airframe” Has been made.The general electronic company the manufactures of three in number modern of “Turbo Fan Jet Engine” will be installed in this commercial design “block 2,2” to reach the incredible speed.

XB1 Plane Faster Than Voice High Powerful Engine

This jet engine is being installed in new training fighter jet now a days.These will be installed with the changing of commercial plane. The fast speed and other technology inside but this is difficult to say that this will be completed in time or not and successes this plan which is hoped.

XB1 Prototype Plane

XB1 Prototype in view XB1 Prototype has been seen in the shape of fighter plane. But the design of this big passengers plane is some. This is the first Supersonic Aircraft XB1 Faster Than Voice invention and American media has declared a complete planing but many other department, NASA, PRATT & WHITNEY, LOCK HEAD, MARTAN, BOING, NORTHROP GRUMMAN, SPACEX SCALED composite are montioned.These founder are concerned with the government flight departments.

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