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Secure of House With Digital Lock

Secure of House With Digital Lock:

Percentage of the crime has been increased in all over the world everybody is trying to install the strong lock in his house for escaping from the thieves and can not be opened.

American Company Master Lock Made Digital Lock:

Although the normal locks has been broken by the thieves which is their right hand. The maker of locks and vault, One hundreds year old American company “Master lock” has made new digital lock. This lock has been placed in the door of house without worry.

Select X Smart Digital Lock Benefits:

Select X smart namely this lock has been opened consist and can be open by the person where the data has been save with his smartphones. “Select X smart” E lock can be included application, When he come in front of mobile lock, When bluetooth on the lock is open automatically from the E lock application the members of your other house numbers can be included in their list where the lock has been open in their presence of Secure of House With Digital Lock.

Special Benefits of Digital Select X Smart Lock:

The special thing of “Select X smart” if you are for from your house and you need plumber, electrician and any relative enter your house you can do this job in your mobile phones, where E lock App is available and this job will be complete.

The faculty of code is available is front part of “Select X smart” which will be open with the mentioning of this code number. In the inner part of lock there is a place for hidden the keys and this Secure of House With Digital Lock is always online. When anybody open this lock and pass in the front of this lock and try to open immediately the Massege will be come on your smartphones.

Price of Select X Smart Digital Locks:

The price of “Select X Smart” is 235 American dollar which is twenty four thousand and seven hundred sixty in Pakistani Rupees.

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