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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy to keep the information in under our copyright, We don’t copy content from other website to keep website better running condition, It is our policy to keep every content save,the purpose of creating this website to keep every information in the depth of website we believe that we can give the user different types of helping information about many kinds of contents etc.

Website Builder:

This website gives you different type of information which is randomly needed and can be used,we build our website according to aspects of different uses,we give priorities to posting Real information and make the content effective every single word means something important according to infrastructure of website we can make our website one of the best information,not such as search engine but can be good “SEO” indeed.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This Privacy Policy we do like to keep our website in good shape.
  2. We don’t give permission to interpreting in our work.
  3. Our basic priority to make good environmental website.
  4. Every single word is written by our own words.
  5. we will only post the information which we understands its is real and not a fake so thus we post like this.
  6. we don’t have proof that containing information is either Right or Wrong but we our first priority is only to post original information which is rely on truth.
  7. we upload picture which are suitable to the information we like to update our post day by day.
  8. we like to post the information which help someones to keep his/her intention complete.
  9. This website is helping station.
  10. We don’t rely on any government and private ltd.


Web Content Management:

All the content in the website is written in our own words,there is no copy paste in the followings.No any type of copy.All copyrights are reserved,the information we post on the website is totally based on true prospective,but sometime some information are not find such as complete information so we write it in our own words but our priority is to do a complete search on the content then we post “”According to our privacy policy”.

Public Notice:

This website contains different types of categories and characteristics so therefore we will like to tell all our users about the website its contains lots of different subjects and posts and some downloading links, this all under the our privacy policy.

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