Now a Day Whatsapp Introduced New Feature

Now a Day Whatsapp Introduced New Feature 2017

The new feature whatsapp, the social media platforms on the next main popular is application whatsapp.Which introduced new features everyday, At present whatsapp has introduced new 7 features.

The main interesting thing in new feature is video indenting, The option has been seen on video indents when you are sending a video on whatsapp. If you will making a duration of video in six second, the option of Jaffe’s will automatically on front of view and Now a Day Whatsapp Introduced New Feature Which will make the Jaffe’s for using.

Now a Day Whatsapp Launch New Feature

After this you can write on video and include images, whatsapp has introduced a chip’s a make option for pin, In the result of the Mobile Apps chips can take up and down. On whatsapp now the format of text can be changed, From this option you can make the subject as bold.

The font can be change small and big, whatsapp has present new option for languages and also Now a Day Whatsapp Introduced New Feature, This option faculty for providing different language during conversation.

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