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New Invention Hp Sprocket Instant Paper Photo Printer

New Invention Hp Sprocket Instant Photo Printer:

After the smart mobile phones the tendency of drewing the picture increased and the value of prints has been finished. Although completed the deficiency of this, The printer come in the market namely sprocket printer for easy use any place anywhere and any time because its a big and easy invention for needed now a days.

Size of Sprocket Printer:

The printer is small in size but function is too much big. The picture int he size of 5.0 x 7.6 cm can be changed immediately in your smartphones or tablets. Where you drew the picture with the manner of polaroid prints, The sprocket has taken the print of his picture but main thing is this is the best one New Invention Hp Sprocket Instant Paper Photo Printer for you are going anywhere then take a picture and get instant paper photo print.

Weight of Sprocket Printer:

The weightage of this printer 170 gram. Although in this printer the sheets can be inserted for 10 picture in 1 time. The printer can be attach with sprocket application with the help of Bluetooth in mobile are tablets and its easy use for anywhere and any time because Hp company make incredible invention for craze of photo then this New Invention Hp Sprocket Instant Paper Photo Printer.

Sprocket Printer Battery Timing:

This can be used in the front of Vision which is seen by androids 4.4 and IOS 8.0 there is a battery in sprocket which is used for a long time. The charging of battery on the basis of the print out but normally a heavy battery use and get long time like depend on print out but good working battery with use new technology for battery timing keep long.

Sprocket Printer Price:

The price of this printer 130 American dollar and in Pakistani rupees is thirty thousand and six hundred ninety seven. The price of fifty print papers of one packet is available in Pakistani rupees 3160 and the price of printer Inc 2600 Rupees but its normal price you get big work in small machine its better now.

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