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How Can Use Whatsapp for Pc No Need Mobile Phones

How Can Use Whatsapp for Pc No Need Mobile Phones:

You can use the famous social contact application “Whatsapp” not only on mobile phone but also can use your computer, laptop and can used the web browser tablet.

The faculty of whatsapp service about 2 Arab consumers are Beneftied. Using the whatsapp on web browser you can connect the mobile phones on computer are laptop and any connecting cable can contact.

Whatsapp Work with Different Mobile Phones:

On whatsapp are your messages, pictures, videos received, which is received on mobile phones by whatsapp are sending to any other person. Whatsapp web and video iphone (IOS 8.1) windows 8.0, 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40, Black berry and blackberry 10 can also used because How Can Use Whatsapp for Pc No Need Mobile Phones.

If you have any phones from these types of phones and you want to used in your computer first of all you go to your laptop of web Browser and go to web whatsapp.com and you conform this thing that phone is attached with wifi phone.

Web Whatsapp App Service:

The service of whatsapp web is possible when your phone connect with internet. After opening whatsapp web on web Browser you will seen in front of your screen which appear code.

After the on your mobile phones open whatsapp go to menu and click whatsapp web option, After this will on, On your mobile phones from your mobile phones camera you can scan the bar code seeing on your computer which was appear on whatsapp web.

Whatsapp Web Scan Code Service:

After five second when your mobile phones successfully scan the bar code on your Computer. How Can Use Whatsapp for Pc No Need Mobile Phones. The sign will be on, On your computer whatsapp.

Now you can use Whatsapp on computer without mobile phone.You are aware on any kind of computer it is Nesscessy to use whatsapp on your mobile phones is connect with internet and working on whatsapp and this is the best service updates of whatsapp because whatsapp consumer want day by day more new features therefore whatsapp team introduced day by day more new updates for all whatsapp consumer.

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