The Alert Device Alerts Right Before Couple Fight

The Alert Device Alerts Right Before Couple Fight: Researcher discover a new incredible instrument detect before humanity fight and this device starting alarm from keep away fight,University of southern California search on married couple.

This device checkup the husband and wife live together and why or which reasons couple fight start and this device properly checkup all doing fight situation with bio signal because sometimes situation is very difficult and a normal human not detect properly problem then researcher make a incredible devices and do some experiment and get unbelieveale result.

This wire able device fitted fast sensors keep help with husband and wife during taking, heartbeat, voice volume, blood pressure and body temperature.

All situation then a special algorithms start processing and get 84% true result over all fighting situation or before fighting, The Alert Device Alerts Right Before Couple Fight.

Researcher make a wireless device for husband and wife taking and relation checkup then all situation and if sometimes situation under control then this device start alarm.

But all this time researcher working on this device because not properly complete, The Alert Device Alerts Right Before Couple Fight but main question is this device when wife or husband wear then working start and this device is not complete and launch but it’s clearly not understand when this device complete and launch.

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