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Google Stop Fake News with New Technology

Google Stop Fake News with New Technology: Internet is a separate and different world and day by day more development but in this development misinformation fake news of market spreading more.

World biggest search engine google introduced a unique and awesome tag make for detect the misinformation and fake news and true news separate with fake news.

Google has in this service work with google politifact and snoop technology companies together work start because Google Stop Fake News with New Technology in 2017.

Its is google better and famous web browser google chrome extension already introduced, Fact tag not seen everywhere just see only breaking news and only on during browsing.

Google true or fake news himself not verify because researcher verify and its good opportunity for people’s find and read only true and complete information.

Although google has presented this feature in October last previous year but this feature was working only America and United Kingdom, At this time this service in whole world and people’s get more better benefits with this feature.

This year in the month of February France and other countries of 37 media department with the corporation of google service has been started with the name of “cross check” the attention has been made to divert the wrong imitation of France election and Facebook also online working start for fake and wrong news and Google Stop Fake News with New Technology.

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