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Facebook Add New Rocket Ship Icon 2017

Now a day Facebook Add New Rocket ship Icon 2017 From some weeks Facebook users seen in Facebook mobile application “Rocket” icon, This rocket icon show in news feed and what is that mystery.If you click on rocket icon then you see famous people s like celebrities and different famous department, famous post, famous hotels and also famous places see in news feed.

You have never like them and make friendly, Sometimes this icon has been shown and hidden, Facebook Add New Rocket Ship Icon 2017 America and Britain along with Pakistani people s has been searching with Facebook new feature and different updates.

The local post has been in Rocked feed which has been seen and discussed in the people’s area, The other real thing which is interested of Rocket posts has been approved and your like and reflected are sitting friend.

Facebook Add New Rocket Ship Icon 2017 in news feed and this type of posts of icon has been interested personal and limited Facebook users and Facebook Users enjoy new Rocket Ship Icon.

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