Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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New Technology Making Sweet Water of Sea

New Technology Making Sweet Water of Sea: The brine and heavy water can not be drink, Now the scientists have discovered to make the water sweet in an easy and cheap method. In Britain a team of scientists a Graphene Oxide have made a filter which separated the heavy and brine water

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Google Stop Fake News with New Technology

Google Stop Fake News with New Technology: Internet is a separate and different world and day by day more development but in this development misinformation fake news of market spreading more. World biggest search engine google introduced a unique and awesome tag make for detect the misinformation and fake news and

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Facebook Add New Rocket Ship Icon 2017

Now a day Facebook Add New Rocket ship Icon 2017 From some weeks Facebook users seen in Facebook mobile application "Rocket" icon, This rocket icon show in news feed and what is that mystery.If you click on rocket icon then you see famous people s like celebrities and different famous

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